The basic agenda of We-talks is to outspread the success stories of women entrepreneurs and global business alliances for women, creating a brand image through public relations, social media reach and promotions, majorly focusing on the growth strategy, market linkages, activation and investment from government support schemes for women by ministries, financial institutions and other potential investors. We-Talks mainly stress upon:

  • Creating an environment for self-employment and entrepreneurship development for women through formal and informal programs.
  • Training women on new technology so harness the same in students.
  • Promoting self-reliance and independence among women.
  • Provide a medium of recognition, acceleration and promotion.
  • Create a common and focused platform to share knowledge and intelligence.
  • Educating and empowering women at different levels.
  • Empowering women to be recognized in the competitive market.

Success stories of Women Entrepreneurship and Global Business Alliances for women.

Virtual Webinars


Personal Branding
24th January, 2022
25th January, 2022
Renewal Of Folk Art
26th January, 2022
Creating A Sustainable Brand
27th January, 2022


We-Talk Goa
8th November, 2019
We-Talk Pageant
4th November, 2019
We-Talk Chandigarh
2nd November, 2019
We-Talk Jammu
30th October, 2019
We-Talk Chandigarh
19th Oct, 2019
We-Talk Blogging
11th October, 2019
We-Talk Fashion
10th October, 2019
We-Talk Chennai
28th September, 2019
We-Talk Bangalore
21st September, 2019
We-Talk Nandyal
21st September, 2019
We-Talk Jaipur
7th September, 2019
We-Talk Patna
3rd September, 2019
We-Talk Navi Mumbai
23rd August, 2019
We-Talk Mumbai
22nd August, 2019
We-Talk Delhi
8th August, 2019
We-Talk Pune
24th July, 2019
We-Talk Nashik
25th July, 2019
We-Talk Aligarh
21st July, 2019
We-Talk Mussoorie
16th July, 2019
We-Talk Dehradun
15th July, 2019
We-Talk Hyderabad
13th July, 2019