Goa Events Images Nov-2019

Womennovator (Gvriksh) organized a W-TALK – GOA on 8th November, 2019 at Goa Institute of Management supported by Developmen tcommissioner of Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises,Government of India and powered by Assocham India.

All the dignitaries had an Interactive Session with each other. The dignitaries included Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator, MD KGS Advisors – Moderator; Ms. GeetaJoshi, Planning Officer, Directorate of Industry Trade and Commerce,Mr. #VikantSahay, Sr. Assistant Editor at The Herald Group of Publications; Mr. #NishadhAmonkar, Co- Founder and CEO, Octo (Yorokobi Technologies); Ms. #MridulaGoel, Incharge, BITS BIRAC Bionest, BITS PILANI, GOA; Ms. #KhairooAndaniKhavtay, Smart Investments.

Ms. Tripti Shinghal Somani, Founder Womennovator, MD KGS advisors – Moderator shared about the 3 % mandatory procurement policy for Micro and Small and Medium enterprises owned by women which was proposed by her this year. She shared that this has opened tremendous gateways for women owned businesses to work as Vendor with every #CentralMinistry /Department / #Publicsectorundertakings and Govt offices. During the W-talk she made attendees aware of other govt. and financial institutions support schemes for women. Ms. Geeta Joshi, Planning Officer, Directorate of Industry Trade and Commerce spoke on the occasion. Mr. Vikant Sahay,Sr. Assistant Editor at Herald Group of Publications shared the CMRY Schemes of GOA Government; Mr. Nishadh Amonkar,Co- Founder and CEO, Octo (Yorokobi Technologies) shared that growth strategy for startups – key focus area- Next Billion Users, Built for Bharat. Personalising businesses for tier 3 and tier4.; Ms. Mridula Goel, Incharge, BITS BIRAC BIONEST, BITS PILANI, GOA,shared that women become entrepreneurs out of sheer grit and dertermination. Less than equal opportunity exists for women entrepreneurs in both developed and less developed countries. Better outcomes in the low and lower middle income countries are found in places like Ghana and Philippine. Ms. Khairoo Andani Khavtay, Smart Investments shared that Women empowerment through marketing and motherhood.