Past Events

Webinar with Sapna Khandelwal on topic What you should know about Vedas and Upanishads

26th May , 2020

Webinar with Ms. Preeti Singh on topic Fitness & ME

25th May , 2020

Webinar with Ms. Sucheta Pal on topic Empowering women through wellnes

23rd May , 2020

Webinar with Ms. Meeta Sen Gupta on topic Personal Leadership in trouble times

22nd May , 2020

Special Interactive Session With Ms. Rita Gangwani on topic "Personality Developement

21st May , 2020

Special Interactive Session on "Building a successfull wellness Business" by Shruti chaturlal sharma

15th May , 2020

Special Interactive Session on "dicussion on health and boys locker Room" by Shruti Dua

14th May, 2020

Webinar on Know your Skin Needs and how to be expert in skin business

9th May , 2020

Special Interactive Session on "Being different and loving it" by Bani Yadav

18th April , 2020

Special Interactive Session on "Physical Health" by Dr. Ridwana Sanam

16th April , 2020

Interactive Session On "personality development by Rita Gangwani"

10th April , 2020

Interactive Session with
Ms. Saloni Kaul

6th April , 2020

WE Pitch Bengaluru

12th March, 2020

CMA Womennovator Conclave 2020

7th March, 2020

WE Pitch Aligarh

23rd February, 2020

WE Pitch Tiruvallur

18th February, 2020

WE Pitch Chef

18th February, 2020

WE Pitch Kolkata

15th February, 2020

Womennovator :Be Beautiful Be You

12th , February, 2020

WE-Pitch Chengalpat

5th February, 2020

Sashakt Warrior Championship

2nd, Feb 2020

WE - Pitch Surat

1st Feb 2020

WE - Pitch Mathura

1st Feb 2020

WE - Pitch Luxury Consultancy

31st January, 2020

WE - Pitch Moradabad

11th January, 2020

WE - Pitch Delhi

8th January, 2020

WE - Pitch Chennai

18th December, 2019

WE - Talk Textile & Luxury

9th December, 2019

TGS KGS Womennovator Global in singapore

14 - 15 November, 2019

Assocham , Women's Leadership And Empowerment

13th November, 2019 ( Delhi )

W-talk Pageant

4th November, 2019

W-Talk Goa

8th November, 2019

W-talk Chandigarh

2nd November, 2019

W-talk Jammu

30th October, 2019

Diwali Celebration with IIP

25th October, 2019

W-talk Chandigarh

19th Oct, 2019 ( Chandigarh )

W-talk Blogging

11th October, 2019

W-talk Fasion

10th October, 2019

Barter Day, Let's Learn by Unlearning

25th September, 2019

W-Talk Chennai

28th September, 2019

W-talk Bangalore

21st September, 2019

W- Talk Nandyal

21st September, 2019

W-Talk Jaipur

7th September, 2019

Sweep 2019 by MAWE in Association with Womennovator

6th-7th September, 2019

Vendor Meet Gail

9th August, 2019

W-talk Patna

3rd September, 2019

W-Talk Navi Mumbai

23rd August, 2019

W-Talk Mumbai

22nd August, 2019

Womennovator 2019 launch

8th March, 2019

CA. Women Conference” hosted by NIRC of ICAI under the aegis of Women Members

21st April, 2018

Queensxi Season 1

31st August, 2017

100 women faces

16th October, 2016