1Who can participate in Awards and WE pitching Competition ?
Any Women Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Professionals or Social Activists, or Men working on a project supporting women
2How do and where do I send my 1 min video?
You can register your video by following two simple steps: -
Step 1: Apply for Women Faces Awards:

Once you register you shall get a confirmation mail through Womennovator@gmail.com, if not call us at +91 95607 03449 , Please check your spam as well.

Step 2: Send your 1 min Video on WhatsApp at +91 95607 03449 Once you send us Video, it shall be uploaded on www.youtube.com/c/WEPitch.

Step 3 Share your Youtube video with your friends and family for Public choice awards for your sector or city.
3Why should I participate in this?
As an Influencer , Area President and Women faces you shall be eligible for the following benefits: -

1. 1000 Women Faces Award- Trophy and certificates during the Mega Global event
2. Continued interaction with verified network of likeminded women
3. Free access to all our initiatives - CLICK HERE.
4. Free access to incubation benefit - https://youtu.be/W3LZjtF-Dfc.
; funded by #DSGroup to scale your business, meet potential corporate clients and industry experts, form a global network, and get access to government schemes and funding.
https://www.womennovator.co.in/incubation-program-entry-form/ .

For more benefits CLICK HERE
4 Can the area president, secretary, and/or treasurer apply for the WE pitch?
Yes, they can. They can also send their 1 min video to be uploaded on our social media on WhatsApp at +91 95607 03449.
5Can Womennovator appointed influencers participate in the pitching competition?
No, however they can send their 1-minute video to be uploaded on media on WhatsApp at +91 95607 03449 which can be used by our leaders for inviting other women to participate in the events . Also, influencers will be eligible for awards and incubation benefits anyhow.
6Will all women who have submitted their forms and videos get a chance to participate in the pitching competition?
Yes, all women who shall send their 1 min video they all will be eligible for participation in the competition.
7What should I include in the1 min video: LEARN HOW TO PITCH!
Here is a video by Anil Chhikara, Chairman - Startup India Foundation, and Tripti Shinghal Somani, CEO - KGS Advisors and Founder Womennovator on how appropriately to pitch yourself for 60 secs while on stage. This will give you some clarity on how to approach the video. https://youtu.be/kFhxusdrVhE .
8What will be the basis of judging in the competition and what should be in 1 min video?
Judging will be along different lines for different categories: -

1. Entrepreneurs: -
a. Problem
b. Solution.
c. Market Approach & Strategy.
2. Leaders/ Professionals: -
a. Society Development,
b. Policy Contribution.,
c. Key Achievements.
3. Social Activists:
a. Problem.
b. Solution. And
c. Key Achievements
9How many get selected for awards and incubation?
We select 6 from each City and sector in below categories:

1. 3 Women Entrepreneurs based on:
a. 1 Startups / Micro- Up to Rs 5 crore (Rs 50 mn)
b. 1 Small- up to Rs 75 crore (Rs 750 mn)
c. 1 Medium- up to Rs 250 crore (Rs 2.5 bn)
1 Leaders/ Professionals
2. 1 Social Activists
3. 1 Public choice based on social media
10Is it necessary to choose the same winners for awards and incubation?
This is not at all necessary, your awardees and Incubatee can be different, it is completely based on the requirement. Few winners may prefer not to go for incubation and so we can include additional names for incubation.
11How can you associate or become an event partner?
To become an event partner register here: -
https://www.womennovator.co.in/value-partner/ and drop a mail here partner@womennovator.co.in.
12Where do I refer to sample pitches and pitching competitions?
13What is the general flow of the WE pitch event?
Here is the general flow of the event: -
1. Start with National Anthem
2. Introduction of WomennoVator and special guest by Womennovator’s team and influencers (Doordarshan Coverage: https://youtu.be/OEXLxEh8sTQ video) 3. WomennoVator way forward - Founder - Tripti Shinghal Somani ( play YouTube video)
(i) In English - CLICK HERE
(ii) In Hindi - CLICK HERE
4. Talk by chief guest and Jury for maximum 1 min each
5. WE pitch competition starts in presence of Jury/mentor
6. Results announcement
7. Thank you Note by influencer
14How can keep you posted about our initiatives and Event
Follow us on:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womennovator
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/womenovator/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/womennovator
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/WomennovatorOfficial
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/womennovator
Facebook Closed group for leaders :
15Where can I find sample coverages and the events?
Last year Womennovator Mega event Coverage by DD national: CLICK HERE

Womennovator Launch 2019-20 video: CLICK HERE

About womennovator In English - CLICK HERE
In hindi- CLICK HERE
16How to reach out to us
For more information, log on to our website Www.womennovator.co.in or
For partnership mail or Incubation Program at partner@womennovator.co.in or call at +91 93158 54688
For Influencer , Jury and Events related queries at we@womennovator.co.in or call at 9560703449
For Promotion of products and services mail at president@womennovator.co.in or call at +91 95600 56130
IT and Website support at +91 95600 56567
Any Other queries : +91 93122 32627 and 9310182020
17Who are we?
Wommenovator, a virtual incubator for women celebrates the triumph stories & records of passionate women who dared to innovate the world and honor them with awards and recognition. It is a Global Virtual Incubator for women supporting Women entrepreneurs in scaling operations domestically and internationally and creating distribution networks, Women leaders/ Professionals to be Directors or become job creators and Women community leaders to be policy change-maker.
18Why WE pitch Competition:
WE - PITCH " Elevator Pitch Series " which is " For Women & By Women " in 100+ Indian cities and 90+ sectors impacting more than 10,000+ women entrepreneurs, Professionals, Leaders & Social Activists in 30+ countries around the world followed by the annual awards ceremony WOMENNOVATOR Global Summit

WE - PITCH " Elevator Pitch Series " : This Elevator Pitch Series will be such that the Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Social Activists and Professionals will be given 60 seconds to explain the concept and idea of a service or product to a set of jury members. As a result of which the selected pitches will be offered a bundle of technical and non-technical advantages for the growth and scaling of the company or an idea.

WE - PITCH is one of its kind enterprise elevator pitch series which has been designed to give Women Startup/ Micro/ Small/ Medium Enterprise, Leaders & Social Activists a platform to connect with the Industry's best entrepreneurs, professionals/CEOs, women community leaders/ Activists and Women leaders.

Our mission is to give early-stage female-founded or female-led Startup/ Micro/ Small/ Medium Enterprise brand exposure, pitching opportunity in 100+ India's cities & 90+ sectors majorly in Tier 2 & 3 cities across India, and presenting semi-finalists from each city at a Final Pitch Event to a panel of international/national investors, press, corporate executives, angel investors, and other successful founders.

Women Startup/ Micro/ Small/ Medium Enterprise, Leaders & Social Activists to learn and grow from a variety of experiences including the success stories from others.

Various Stakeholders to converge under a single Umbrella. The intersection of technology and ideas leading to the effective translation of R&D activities for commercial gains.
19Details of initiative conducted across India and abroad and Upcoming events:
To know about our upcoming events: CLICK HERE.

To know about previous events : CLICK HERE. To know about our speakers: