Past Events

TGS KGS Womennovator Global in singapore

14 - 15 November, 2019

Assocham , Women's Leadership And Empowerment

13th November, 2019 ( Delhi )

W-talk Pageant

4th November, 2019

W-Talk Goa

8th November, 2019

W-talk Chandigarh

2nd November, 2019

W-talk Jammu

30th October, 2019

Diwali Celebration with IIP

25th October, 2019

W-talk Chandigarh

19th Oct, 2019 ( Chandigarh )

W-talk Blogging

11th October, 2019

W-talk Fasion

10th October, 2019

Barter Day, Let's Learn by Unlearning

25th September, 2019

W-Talk Chennai

28th September, 2019

W-talk Bangalore

21st September, 2019

W- Talk Nandyal

21st September, 2019

W-Talk Jaipur

7th September, 2019

Sweep 2019 by MAWE in Association with Womennovator

6th-7th September, 2019

Vendor Meet Gail

9th August, 2019

W-talk Patna

3rd September, 2019

W-Talk Navi Mumbai

23rd August, 2019

W-Talk Mumbai

22nd August, 2019

W-Talk Delhi

8th August, 2019

Sevan Startup Summit - 2019

30th July - 4 Aug, 2019

W-Talk Pune

24th July, 2019

W-Talk Nashik

25th July, 2019

W-Talk Aligarh

21st July, 2019

W-Talk Mussoorie

16th July, 2019

W-Talk Dehradun

15th July, 2019

W-Talk Hyderabad

13th July, 2019

Glimpses of W-talk Mathura

19th May, 2019

Global Conference On Women Entrepreneurship Business In Czech

16th May, 2019

Womennovator’s Uganda Embassy Meet

7th May, 2019

W-Talk Mumbai

13th May, 2019

Glimpses of W-Talk in Jaipur

4th May, 2019

Glimpses of W-Talk in Faridabad

1st May, 2018

Womennovator's Zambia Embassy Meet

8th May, 2019

Global Conference on Women Entrepreneurship Business In Brazil at Embassy of Brazil in New Delhi

30th April, 2019

Glimpses of After Session with Manmeet Singh

Glimpse of After session with Vinita Bhatia

Glimpse of After session With Lehar Sethi & Ritu Bhagat

Glimpse of After session with Manmeet Singh

Interactive Session with Meenu Maggon

Interactive Session with Preet Sandhu

Interactive Session with Sangeeta S Behl

Interactive Session with Shikha A Sharma

Interactive Session with Manmeet Singh & her Jury

Interactive Session with Deepika Singh

Interactive Session With Ritu Bhagat and Ruchiekka Krishnani

Interactive Session With Lehar Sethi

Interactive Session With Vinita Bhatia

Womennovator 2019

10X Women Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

Synergizing Initiatives of CPSEs Government Agencies And Industry Champions on Startups