Rules of Influencers

  1. Influencers have to choose either a city (100 Smart Cities) or a sector of their expertise to apply for Womennovator awards. For your reference the link of 100 cities and some sectors is attached in application form. However, you as an Influencer can create your own sector.
  2. Influencers have to propose at least 6 mentors with brief notes about them. All proposed mentors should be in a particular category/city and the final mentors has to be concluded with Womennovator team.
  3. You as an Influencer have to share your high resolution picture with a short Bio-data in order to create your own creative.
  4. You have to share pictures of the final mentors (6 selected ) with a small write up about them.
  5. Your category should get minimum 20 applications.
  6. You have to help mentors to select best 6 names out of total applications received in the particular city/sector allocated.
  7. You have to help mentors in the process of selection and verification with partner association and institution.
  8. You have to provide mentorship and business connect to the selected candidates in your category.
  9. You shall help the final 6 to prepare their 60 seconds pitches for final event.
  10. You are required to create buzz on social media to promote the initiative and get.
  11. You have to design Application Form for your respected sector or city.
  12. You have to make your Sector/Cities selection criteria and Grading system.

Once agreed, initial interview round of Influencer has to be with Development Commissioner/ Ministry Official – Ministry of MSME

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I hereby declare the information provided by me is correct to the best of my knowledge and I am aware that in case of any wrong and incorrect information my application is liable to be rejected.